Grey Matters is an honest conversation about growing older in Australia

The issues that affect senior Australians and their children are rarely tackled in the public sphere from an insider’s perspective. With Grey Matters, we’re out to change that.

Grey Matters gives a voice to senior Australians and people who have helped seniors journey through and navigate the challenges and triumphs of growing old. It is a platform that gives older Australians the opportunity to share their stories and opinions about what it means to grow old with dignity, or with humour, or with gravity. With the beauty of independence, or the tragedy of being stripped of the right to choose.

They are honest stories – sometimes raw, sometimes humorous, at times equally tragic or inspiring. But the vital thing that ties them all together is that these are conversations we need to be having.

Growing old is not a chronic condition. It happens to us all, and it doesn’t mean losing the right to feel, to choose or to be heard.

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